Steve Perrins 62lb
Lee Graves 54-12
Shane Ledger 57-14
Russel Godfrey 55-06
Josh Applegate 53-06

September 2016 week ending 1/10/2016

it's starting to get a bit chilly at night now but the daytime sunshine continues to hold and for this late in the year that has got to be good news.

Before I start this update a quick word on choosing pegs before you even arrive, we have a draw system and if the peg you want is taken before you get to choose its obvious you cannot go into that peg, we have seventy acres of water at Cretelakes and the best tactic is to spread out because if you don't then the fish will go to the unfished areas where there is no pressure, it's no good complaining the fish are up the other end etc you can only fish the water in front of you, so if your fishing a five acre lake or a 35 acre lake you can only fish the water in front of your peg, most venues in France allow one angler per acre, at Cretelakes its nearer 1.75 per angler if everyone spreads out.

Biggest fish of the week fell to Trevor Dunn with an absolute lump of a mirror at 69-04, Trevor also managed a 40+ and a few 30s, well done Trevor. Top rod this week was Shane Ledger with a 23 fish haul from peg 54 on lake 5, Shanes haul included two 50s to 57-14, nine 40s, and four 30s amongst a few others so well done Shane, top angling, Staying on lake 5 Nick Bull also done well with two 50s to 57-08, two 40s and six 30s, well done Nick. Aaron Hodges also got amongst them with a 51lber and went on to back that up with two 40s and a couple of 30s, well done. Josh Applegate done really well on lake 3 taking a thirteen fish haul that included three 50s to 55lb, three 40s and five 30s, top angling well done Josh. James Mitchell had a good week banking eleven fish to 51-08, he backed the big one up with a 40+ and six 30s, well done. Sam Arnold was another to bank a fifty with a 50-12, he backed that up with a 40+ and four 30s, well done Sam. Steve Perrins only had four fish but one was a 62lber, two were 50s and the other a 40+ so well done Steve top angling. Jim Hilden got amongst them with a 54-02 and Russell Godfrey banked a 55-06, well done to you both. Paul Bunce had a slow week but did manage a 50-03 and Dan Brown banked a 55-02 so well done to you both.

There were loads of anglers who caught multiple 40s so well done to you all
the average weight of carp caught this week was 37-09 and the average amount of bait used was around 20kg.

Monday 3rd October 2016