Stuart Rawlings 62-08
Craig Ham 44-06
Dicky Dyer 48lb
Tom Miller 49-06
Noelle Kelly 48lb
Dan Knightingale 42-08
Dan Knightingale 41-10

October 2016 week ending 8/10/2016

Autumn as well and truly arrived now so we are expecting some long chilly nights and hopefully bright days in the weeks to come.
Biggest fish of the week fell to Stuart Rawlings when he landed a 62-08 beast, he also managed to back that up with twelve other fish that included six 40s and four 30s, well done Stuart. Top rod this week was Craig Ham in peg 52 on lake 5 where he managed to land 34 fish, his haul didn't produce any monsters but he was more than satisfied with a couple of 40s including a new pb common. top angling well done Craig. Colin Kelly never seems to fail at the lakes and this trip was no exception when he landed four 50s to 59lb and backed them up with four 30s, well done Colin. Matt rosenbloom done well taking eight fish to 53-04, he backed the big one up with five 40s, well done Matt. Sam Smith had a week to remember with a 22 fish haul to 53lb, his back up fish included ten 40s and nine 30s, top angling well done. It was a bit slow on lake 2 this week but Nicola Dixon managed a 52lber along with seven others including three 40s, well done Nicola, Natham Mead also maanged a 53lber from the same lake and a 40+, well done. Ryan Hunt had a 51-08 and went on to back that up with a couple of 40s amongst others so well done to you. Mitch Attwood had a slow week but did bank a 57lber so that will do nicely and Gary Marland managed a 54lber, well done to you both. Dan Knightingale done very well with a fifteen fish haul that included six 40s to 49-06, well done Dan.
if anybody has got any questions please phone the office and we will answer them in a factual way rather than read fantasy comments over the internet.

A guy this week has banked a brace of 67lbers so be sure to read next weeks update

Monday 10th October 2016