Bob Brown 60-08
Wayne Locking 49-03
Graham Wilson 59-05
Bob Brown 57-10
John Garlic 47-08
Lee Whiteley 47lb
Peter Mills 55lb

October 2016 week ending 15/10/2016

After the long spell of warm weather France was hit with it first real cold snap and it did slow the fishing down a fair bit which is to be expected, however the big fish continued to feed.

Biggest fish of the week fell to Bob Brown who managed to bank a brace of 67s and backed them up with a low sixty; he also managed three 50s amongst his 14 fish haul that included five 40s and three 30s, top angling well done Bob. Wayne Locking was another angler to bank a lump with a 61-06 mirror and went on to bank a couple of 40s, well done. Falling just short of a sixty was Graham Wilson with a 59-05; he also banked a couple of 40s so well done Graham. Adam Blanch done well taking two 50s to 55-08 and went on to land two 40s and four 30s, well done Adam. Pete Mills had a 55-06 and managed a couple of 40s, well done. Dennis Kimber (snr) had a slow week but did bank a 52lber so that will do nicely. Nick Chulk also had a slow week but again managed a 51lber and when that that size who cares. Darren Sudlow had a 54-04 and Lee Garner a 55-12.

he average weight of carp caught this week was 39-12, almost 40lb wow, and a special well done to Bob Brown with his brace of 67lbers.
It was a very slow week across northern France due to the cold bought in by easterly winds which is quite unusual for October, As i write this update the conditions are better with southerly winds so hopefully a better week to come.

We urge anglers to phone the office should they have any questions rather than read garbage written on the internet from people who have fished there once or twice and have suddenly become an expert on Cretelakes, so please do not hesitate to call us if you have a question that needs the correct answer.

Monday 17th October 2016