Sean Hussey 54-07
Lee Wilson 45lb
Bill Friar 48lb
Bob Pettengell 47-08
Mark Johnson 44lb
Jack Overy 41-09

October 2016 week ending 22/10/2016

The southerly wind that was forecast turned out to be a much colder easterly which gave us quite cold nights.

Biggest fish this week fell to the rods of Connor McMullan with a 60lber, he also managed a couple of 40s so well done Conner. Jack Overy done well banking five 40s to 49-04, he also managed a 30+, well done Jack. Jerrard Heyley had a quite week but did managed to land a 54-04 so that will do very nicely, well done Jarrrard. Sean Sussey had a few with his best being 54-07, well done Sean. Mark Johnson did well banking three 40s to 48lb and backing them up with a few 30s, well done Mark. Nicky Onslow managed a couple of 40s and so did Lee Harvard, well done to you both. Bob Pettengell finished top rod in (peg 38 on lake 5) with nine fish to 59-14, he backed the big one up with a couple of 40s, and three 30s well done bob.

Plenty of 40s were out across the lakes but a quite week by Cretelakes standard. It seems to be much better as i write this update so fingers crossed the weather holds.

More next week 

Monday 24th October 2016