Mick Fisher 52-08
Tommy Stewart 47-10
Tommy Stewart 42-08
Tom Vinton 47-08
Thomas Thornton 56-09
Tommy Stewart 43lb
Tommy Stewart 47-10
Martin Cronin 51-02

October 2016 week ending 29/10/2016

The weather was still and settled with very little wind so this left the lakes like mill ponds, all nice conditions to fish in but not ideal for bites.
Lots of anglers went on the move far too early and most put very little bait in, as i write this update some of the match anglers are nearly on 500lb of carp and most of them have put in a lot of bait, so this seems to have triggered a feeding response.
Top rod this week was that carp catching machine Steve Haylett with a 20 fish haul from peg 53 on Lake 5. I think you should get a decent partner and get on the match next year Steve it’s a great event. Biggest fish of the week fell to Thomas Thornton in peg 46 on Lake 5 at 56-09, well done Thomas. Tommy Stewart done well taking nine fish to 55-06, included in his catch were four 40s, well done. Martin Cronin had an explosive start with seven to 51-02 in the first 24 hours from peg 4 so well done Martin. Michael Fisher was another angler to get amongst the biggies with a 52-08 so well done to you. Paul Vinton managed to bank a 54lber and Craig Blackwell banked a 56lber, well done to you both. Steve Kormoss had ten fish to 49-05 including three 40s and four 30s well done to you. Tony olivio (Ollie) had a quite week but banks a 47lber and quite a few others had 40s so well done to you all.
For those that are interested the leaders of the carp match are in pegs 41-42, pegs 23-24, 25-26, and 3, so lakes 5, 3, and 1 out in front, in that order. 

Monday 31st October 2016