Matt Arnold 61lb
Peter Leaky 61-12
Will Gough 57-08
John Leeks 52-12
Adi Blantford 55-04
Yasir Mahmood 47-10
Kieron Moors 52lb
Brad Verity 51lb
Gary Dixon 48-08
Richard Cullin 49lb
Yasir Mahmood 45-08

April 2017 week ending 8/4/2017

The weather was settled with a little wind from time to time but in all pretty good for the time of year.
Lots of big fish to talk about including another three 60s and twenty 50s so its best to concentrate on the 50+ fish, even thou lots of anglers had 5-6 40s.
Biggest fish of the week fell to Peter leaky who fished peg 18 on Lake 2, Pete managed a 17 fish haul with his biggest topping the scales at 61-12; he also banked a 50+ and six 40s so well done Pete. Matt Arnold moved from lake 1 to peg 33 on lake 5 and was rewarded with a 61-04 so congratulations well done. Top Rod was Adi Blantford in peg 61 on lake 5 where he banked an incredible 61 fish to 61-02, Adi also managed five 50s and an incredible 33 others over 30lb and up to high 40s, now that’s what you call a busy week and no that’s not a misprint he had 61 fish, top angling well done Adi. Andy Gough had a good week banking sixteen fish to 51-04, amongst his haul were three 40s and six 30s, well done Andy. Rob Gough also got amongst them with a 53lber amongst his eighteen fish haul, four 40s and eight 30s for him, well done. Will Gough had a 57-08 and also managed a couple of 40s amongst thirteen fish, well done Will. John Leeks had a 52-12 and Tony Walder banked a 57-15, well done to you both. Chris Evans had a good week banking five 40s and a 57-02 so well done Tony. Cliff Brooks also got amongst the big girls landing a 53-04; Cliff also managed a couple of 40s and six 30s, well done. Kieron Moores had a 52lber and a 40+ and Michael Greaves also had a 52 and backed that up with four 40s and four 30s, well done to you both. Brad Verity did well taking twelve fish to 51-10 including two 40s and eight 30s, well done Brad. Richard Williams had a fantastic week with a 37 fish haul that included five 40s to 48lb and thirteen 30s, another master class well done Richard. Toby Carpenter had four 40s to 49-09 and Richard Cullin had four to 49lb, well done. Russell Dean managed to bank three 40s and quite a few others managed multiple  40s so well done to you all. 
Lake 5 continues to dominate producing two 60s and nine 50s, Lake 2 fished well and 3-4 ok, Lake 1 was slow but we are expecting a couple of monsters to show from there very soon.

A big congratulations to Adi Blantford with his 61 fish haul that is an amazing session well done, Mainline Cell and diamond white pop ups doing the damage.

There has already been a 60+ out this week so hopefully a few more to come.

Sunday 9th April 2017