Stewart Todd 68-06
Warren Shepard 60-08
Kevin Nelson 61-04
Rich Wotten 41lb
Krissi Knight 48-10
Gareth Vaughan 42-02
Ron Molesworth 44lb
Kevin Nelson 53lb
Tyler Cosier 58-04
Carl Stonely 47-12
Brad Goodey 41lb
Colin Edwards 46-04
Dan McKay 54lb
Gary Nelson 48-04

April 2017 week ending 15/4/2017

It was busy for most anglers this week with lots of big fish landed including seven 60s so it's with the biggest fish and all the 50s that we will concentrate on.
Biggest fish fell to the rods of Stewart Todd when he landed a 68-06 from peg 3 on lake 1, he also managed to bank another 60+ and four 50s amongst an impressive haul of 24 fish and all but two were over 30lb, top angling well done Stewart. Top rod was Brad Goodey who banked a 40 fish haul from peg 61 on lake 5, Brad managed to pick up a couple of 50s to 55-08 amongst his impressive haul, it's worth mentioning that Brad also allowed a couple of anglers that were not doing as well to fish his peg and they both managed 40s, top man Brad and well done. Staying on lake 5 Martin Sellers got amongst the big girls with a 61-02, he also managed four 40s amongst a 17 fish haul, well done Martin. Onto lake 3 where Kevin Nelson banked a 61-04 and went on to bank a 50+ and four 40s amongst his eleven fish, well done Kevin. Carl Stonely decided to fish lake 2 and was glad he did when landed a 63lber and backed that up with three 40s so well done Carl. Staying on lake 2 Eddie Elliot also managed a sixty and backed that up with a 50+ and a few others, Well done Eddie. Warren Sheppard was on lake 1 and landed himself a 60-08 mirror and backed that up with four 40s, well done Warren. Tyler Cosier done well with 13 fish that included two 50s to 56lb and also managed five 40s, well done to you. Joe Bassett had a quite week but did bank a 50+ so well done Joe. Tom Vinton banked a 53lber and Robert Williams had a 52-12 so well done to you both. John Vinton had a good week with 17 fish to 57lb, John also had three 40s and five 30s, well done. Luke O Dell got amongst them with three 50s and two 40s so well done Luke. Stacey Simpson was another to get amongst the big girls with two 50s to 58lb so well done to you. Kevin Perry had a 53-05 and Paul Vinton banked a 53lber, well done to you both. Dan McKay 54lber and managed a couple of 40s so well done Dan. Ian Molesworth had a good week banking 55lb, well done Ian. Craig Golder done well with nineteen fish to 58-07, he had four 40s and twelve 30s amongst his catch, well done. Again there were loads of anglers who had lots of 40s so well done to you all.

It was a good week for most anglers and certainly a good one for the anglers that landed the seven 60s and all the 50s.

. More next week

Monday 17th April 2017