Phill Briggs 72-06
Mark Adlem 63-14
Martin Brown 55lb
Andrew Morriss 57-11
Chris Berry 56-12
Luke Greenaway 57-08
Mark Adams 58-10
Welles McArthy 56-08
Sean Kelly 55-07

May 2017 week ending 6/5/2017

The weather is still a bit chilly for the time of year and we did have some rain but despite the conditions it was a bumper week in terms of big fish landed.

Biggest fish of the week fell to Phill Briggs with an absolute stunning mirror carp that went 72-06, what a beast well done Phill and congratulations. Neil Rives had a week that will be hard to beat with an incredible seven fish over 50lb with the biggest topping the scales at 61-02, Neil also banked a very impressive eleven 40s and ten 30s, i will not mention the others but that is top angling well done Neil. Darren Milligan was another to have multiple 50s landing an eye watering six to 58-12; he backed them up with six 40s and six 30s, so another big pat on the back for you well done. Nathan Mead had a good week banking two 59lbers amongst a 25 fish haul, Nathan also managed two 40s and fifteen 30s whilst Dad Roger in the next peg had eleven fish to 55-12, well done to you both. Welles McCarthy banked a 56-08 and backed that up with four 40s and twelve 30s well done to you. Luke Greenway had two 50s to 57lb and Martin Brown got amongst them with a 55lber and managed to back that up with two 40s, well done to you both. Mark Adlem went home happy because he had eleven fish including a stunning 63-14, amongst his fish was another 50+ and five 40s, top angling well done Mark. Jim Claxstone had a good result when he landed a 61lber; he also banked a 50+ and a few 30s, well done Jim. Sean Kelly had a ball with three 50s to 57-04 and Chris Berry had a 56-12 and backed that up with five 40s, well done to you both. Leon Price got amongst the big girls with a 53-12 and backed that up with three 40s, well done Leon. Bob Pettengel (aka Bobs leads) had a 55lber amongst his 15 fish that included another three over 40lb, well done Bob. Mark Adams had a 58-10 amongst a twenty fish haul that included five 40s and ten 30s, well done to you. Andrew Morris enjoyed his week with a 57-11 and backed that up with six 40s; well done James Hegarty had a slow week but did manage a 598lber so well done to you. Tony Whiting banked two 50s to 56-06 and managed a few 40s, well done Tony. Russell Rosenau managed a 55-06 and backed that up with a 40+,
The week will be remembered for the awesome 72-06 caught by Phill Briggs and the unbelievable session from Neil Rivers, 61-02, six 50s, and eleven 40s, an incredible display of big fish.

I almost forgot to mention there were 37 fish over 50lb landed, Wow just Wow.

More next week

Sunday 7th May 2017