Simon Dixon 53-08
Simon Dixon 51lb
Lloyd Munday 62lb
Simon Dixon 55-08
Dean Bruce 52-08
Shaun Gratebatch 48-02

June 2017 week ending 17/6/2017

Europe has seen some of the hottest temperatures ever recorded in June, Central Portugal recording temperatures of 42 degrees, luckily we are in the upper 20s so not as hot but still beautiful sunny days. I think this time last year France was suffering from too much rain!

I will start with the biggest fish of the week that fell to Martin Linoit who managed to bank a 67-08; he also backed that up with a couple of 40s so well done Martin. Lloyd Munday got amongst the 60s with a 62lber and then went on to bank a 50+ and a 40+ as well as a couple of 30s, well done Lloyd. Simon Dixon done very well to bank three 50s to 55-08, top angling well done Simon. Darren Coles managed a couple of 50s to 55-04 and Darren Powers also got amongst the big girls with a 53-06, and went on to back that up with five 40s and eight 30s, well done Darren. Neal Hoare had a good week landing four 40s to 49lb and Jody Smith managed three to 44-12, well done to you both. Dean Bruce banked a 52lber amongst his catch so well done Dean.

To sum the week up it was very hot but we still managed a couple of 60s and a few 50s so well done to all the anglers.

More next week

Monday 19th June 2017