Dean Compton 55-09
Lee Smith 59-08
Tony Kilburn 54-05
Dean Compton 47-03

July 2017 week ending 15/7/2017

The weather is still settled with warm sunny days and warm evenings. We are defiantly praying for some rain it’s certainly needed.
Biggest fish of the week fell to Lee Smith on Lake 2 with a 59-08, Lake 2 has been very quite lately but I’m sure it will burst into action soon, well done Lee. Tony Kilburn got amongst them with a 54-06 and managed a few back up fish including a 40+, well done Tony. Dean Compton had a 55-09 and banked two 40s and three 30s so well done to you. Dean Marshall managed ten fish to 51-12, amongst his catch were two 40s and five 30s so well done Dean. Bob Taylor managed three 40s to 49-12 and a couple of back up 30s, well done Bob. Bryan Haywood was another angler to bank three 40s with his biggest being 47lb, well done Bryan. Michael Fraser banked seven fish including two 40s to 45-08 so well done to you. Martin Brown managed a 47lber and several other anglers banked 40lb+ fish so well done.
It was a very tough week indeed with poor carp fishing conditions, in fact it was the slowest week so far this season and perseverance was defiantly order of the week, so well done to all the anglers.

Better news coming next week

Tuesday 18th July 2017