Iain Bowater 50-07
Chris Smith 54-12
William Roe 55-12
Chris Smith 54lb

July 2017 week ending 5/8/2017

Top rod this week was Ian Bowater in peg 41 on Lake 5 where he landed 18 fish to 50-07; amongst his haul Ian landed three 40s as well as the 50+ well done Ian. Biggest fish of the week fell to William Roe in peg 31 where he landed a 56-12 amongst a 16 fish haul, well done Wil. Leon Hinton done well taking 13 fish to 55-02 out of peg 61, Leon managed three 40s and six 30s amongst his catch, well done Leon. Bob Wilson was another to do well taking five 40s and a 51-08 so well done to you. Chris Smith managed to bank fifteen fish that included three 50s to 54-12 and also bagged eight 40s, top angling well done Chris. Darren Caen banked a 50-08 and backed that up with three 40s and Phill Rogers got amongst them with a 51lber, well done to you both. Paul Smith banked five 40s amongst a nine fish catch and Tony Arnold managed to bank three 40s, well done. Ryan Crouch and Ross Markwick managed to land six 40s and Steve Oreilly managed three as well, well done.

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Wednesday 9th August 2017