Brett Thompson 51-09
John Hepden 54lb
Ian Cameron 63lb
Colin Cleveland 54lb
Colin Cleveland 56lb
Brett Thompson 54-08

August 2017 week ending 2/9/2017

Another good week for big fish with a total of seventeen 50s landed and a couple of sixties.

Biggest fish of the week fell to the rods of Ian Cameron with a 63lb mirror, Ian also banked a couple of 40s so congratulations Ian. Darren Arttrell landed a 61lber and backed that up with a 50+ and a 40+ so well done Darren. Top rod was Stephen best in peg 61 on Lake 5 where he landed an impressive 29 fish to 58lb; Stephen used 45kg of bait to tempt his haul, well done Steve. Eric Yeoman banked a 51lber so well done to you.Sam Douglas had an excellent result landing three 50s and backed them up with a few 30s so well done Sam. Steve Head had a good week because he landed a 51lber and managed to back that up with four 40s, great result well done Steve. Scott Badger managed to get amongst them with a 52lber and again he banked a back 40+ and a few3 30s so well done to you. Colin Cleveland landed a couple of 50s and Brett Thompson banked three 50s so well done to you both. Steve Bradley had a 53-08 and a few 30s and Paul Coe banked a 52-08 with a few backups as well so well done to you both. John Hepden landed a 54lber so congratulations to you. There were lots of anglers who landed three or four 40s and there were 160 30lb plus fish caught with the average weight being 33-10.
The average amount of bait being used is still around the 20kg mark.

Sunday 3rd September 2017