Dave Matthews 54lb
Tony Smith 51lb
Jeffrey Braisford 55-08
Dave Matthews 58-06
Garren Beaver 52-06
James Steer 56-08
James Steer 53lb
Matty James 54lb
Dave Matthews 52-04

Septmber 2017 week ending 9/9/2017

What a bumper week it’s been here at Cretelakes. Sometimes the conditions are right and the anglers take full advantage with 38 fifties, 100 forties and 300 thirties.

Biggest fish of the week fell to the rods of Gary Edwards with a 64-02 mirror so a big congratulations Gary. There are a couple of mega catches to tell you about and i will start with David Matthews who gave up his peg on lake 5 after catching seven fish to 52-06 to his friend who later went on to become top rod, Dave moved to peg 16 on lake two and bagged an incredible eight 50s, seven 40s, and seven 30s, yes you have read that right, that’s nine 50s to 58-06, that is a Cretelakes record for the number of 50s in a week, top angling well done Dave. Top rod incidentally was Kevin Bennett in peg 61 on Lake 5 with a 33 fish haul so well done Kevin. Another mega haul came from James Steer who banked 24 fish to 56-04, just read this and wept, six, 50s, fifteen 40s, one 30, and two 20s, six 50s and fifteen 40s wow, another master class well done James. Stuart Ewins was another angler to get amongst the big girls with a 62lber and went on to back that up with a couple of 40s and a few 30s, well done Stuart. Matthew James had a good week banking 23 fish to 54lb, included in his haul were two 40s and six 30s, well done Matt. Ian Chambers managed to bank a couple of 50s to 59-06 and backed them up with seven 40s, Garry Harris also got amongst the big girls with a 54-04 and a couple of back up 40s, so well done to you both. Alan Roth banked three 50s and backed them up with three 40s and four 30s, whilst Garran Beaver banked a 52-06 and managed four 40s so well done to you both. Simon Sparks had a 54lber and a couple of back up 40s and Carl Dearne managed a 51-06, well done both of you. Jeffrey Brailsford had a slow week but did bank a 55-08 so that will do very nicely, well done Jeff. Barry Carpenter had two 50s to 59-12 and again went on to catch two 40s to back them up, well done Barry. Paul Edger had a nineteen fish haul that included two 50s to 56-12, five 40s and twelve 30s, great angling well done. John Cameron banked a couple of 50s to 55-12 and Don Cameron also got amongst the big girls with a 52-08, both of them had back up 40s, well done. Darren Muirhead Had two 50s to 58-12 and yet again managed back up 40s and 30s, well done. Tony Smith had a 51lber a couple of 40s and six 30s so well done Tony. A special mention for James Dyke in peg 58 who landed 28 fish including ten 40s, well done to you.

38 fifties, that’s incredible fishing well done to you all

Sunday 10th September 2017