Ryan Cresswell 60-04
Darren Gaunt 52lb
Leigh Brown 51lb
Bill Eastwood 50-02
Nick Stevens 50-08

September 2017 week ending 30/9/2017

Autumn has finally arrived and bought with it some much needed rain, it’s been one the warmest years in the region and in turn has made the lake water levels very low, but they are looking good now and the big fish coming.

Biggest fish of the week fell to Peter Ibinson with an absolute monster at 68-04, Peter was fortunate enough to back that up with another 60+ and a few 30s, well done Pete and congratulations. Ryan Creswell was another angler to bank a biggie with a 60-04; he went on to land two 40s and a few 30s so congratulations Ryan. Top rod was Nick Stevens in peg 36 on lake 5, Nick banked twenty fish to 50-08, amongst his haul were four 40s, well done mate top angling. Leigh Brown done well with a seventeen fish haul to 51-02, amongst his haul were two 40s and seven 30s, well done Leigh. Billy Eastwood had a good week taking two 50s to 52lb and backed them up with ten other fish including a 40+ and five 30s, well done Billy. Jason Lee had eleven fish to 50-0; his catch included two 40s and six 30s so well done to you. Darren Gaunt got amongst the big girls with a 52lber and Jimmy Tsitsikronis landed a 52-12, well done to you both. Mike Kernaghan had a 50-08 and a back up 40+ so congratulations with that one. Jon Copper banked a 52-04 and went on to land a few others including a 40+ so well done Jon. Jim Anderson was yet another to bank a 50+, this time taking the scales to 54-06, he also banked back up fish including a 40+ do well done to you. As usual lots of angler had multiple 40s so well done to you all.

Monday 2nd October 2017