Mark Gillingham 66-06
Stewart Todd 61-03
Ian Hall 55lb
Eddie McKenna 49lb
Michael Williams 46-04
Sam Rozier 44lb
Daniel Swain 46-02
Alfie Todd 46-06

March 2017 week ending 1/4/2017

The 2017 season has started and the opening week was quite warm with a couple of sunny days but a bit chilly at night.

 Biggest fish of the week fell to the rods of Mark Gillingham with a 66-06 mirror, congratulations Mark. Sean Jones was another angler to bank a lump with a 61lber, Sean also managed eight other fish, well done. Stewart Todd also banked a sixty amongst his fish that went 61-06 so well done to you, Lakes 1, 4, and 5 all producing 60s on the opening week so fingers crossed there should be a fair few out in the next few weeks. This week's top rod award is shared between Lewis Jones who a 16 fish haul from peg 35 on lake 5, and Brad Eastham with 16 fish from peg 45 on lake 5, Brads biggest was 45-12, well done to you both. its worth mentioning that half the fish caught from the venue this week came from lake 5, in fact this is the case most weeks and as we speak one angler on there has already had 12 fish in the first 24 hours, all from a margin bush! Ian Hall was pleased to be on there after banking 13 fish to 55lb so well done Ian. Bill Evans got amongst the big girls with a 51lber so well done Bill. Steve Miles had a good week banking two 50s to 53-08 and managed a couple of 40s, well done Steve. Tony Gange done well taking a fifteen fish haul that included three 40s to 46-10, well done. Eddie McKenna fell just sort of a fifty after landing three 40s to 49lb and Sam Rozier managed a couple to 48lb, well done to you both. Shaun Sheppard and Daniel Swain both had 40s and Michael Williams had two 40s to 43lb. Gary Bryant had a 46lber and Peter Mills banked two 40s to 44lb amongst his ten fish catch, well done. Peter Taylor and Lee Jones both had 40s and Adam Blacker also managed a 41-02, Alfie Todd banked a 46-06 and Will Sheppard managed a 41-08.

More biggies to report next week

Sunday 2nd April 2017