Aaron Oxtoby 63lb
Sam Watts 40-10
Dean Carlton 51-11
Aaron Oxtoby 46-02
Steve Adkin 45lb
Aaron Oxtoby 48-10
Dean Taylor 42-06

April 2017 week ending 22/4/2017

The weather played a major role in terms of fish numbers this week with overnight temperatures falling to -5 at night, The clubhouse was covered in frost most mornings so the anglers had to wrap up to keep warm. However there were still nineteen 50s and two 60s out so here goes.

Biggest fish of the week fell to Lee Edwards in peg 3 on lake 1 where he landed a 65-04 absolute awesome mirror, Lee also managed to land three other 50s and seven 40s, top angling well done Lee, from the same peg Paul Edwards also done well with two 50s and five 40s so well done Paul. Top rod this week was Anthony Hennerley in peg 41 on lake 5 where he landed 30 fish to 41-10, no monsters but 22 of them were over 30lb, top angling well done Anthony, Its probably worth mentioning that lake 5 has produced top rod every week this season and it’s also worth noting that Used 60kg of bait and Lee edwards who had biggest fish used 40kg. Lots of anglers moving around this week and most of the time it pays to give your peg at least 2/3 days before moving because a move to soon can often give the fish a free meal. Aaron Oxtoby had a very good result with a 63lber and backed that up with a 50+ six 40s and nine 30s so well done Aaron. Steve Scott was another to do well with three 50s to 57lb well done Steve. Dan Carlton had a quite week but did manage a 51-11 and a couple of 40s and Keith Ketteringham banked a couple of 40s as well, well done to you both. Dave Woodward banked three 50s to 57lb and backed them up with a couple of 40s so well done to you. Dan Gooding had an excellent week banking 23 fish to 57-02; Dans haul included one other 50+, seven 40s and ten 30s, well done top angling. Aston Paris got amongst the big girls with a 56-02 and banked four 30s, well Aston, and Paul Hindley banked a 55-14 and backed that up with a 40+ amongst his eight fish, Colin Wright banked three 40s amongst his seventeen fish and Mark Fenney had four 40s to 48-11.

It was a very cold week yet the lakes still produced an incredible 186 fish over 30lb including the nineteen 50s and two 60s so well done to you all.

A quick reminder for when you’re at the lakes please bring your photos of 40lb fish to the club house at meal times so we can update our web pages. Thank you.

More next week

Monday 24th April 2017