Jim Matthews 54lb
Richard Beavis 54-06
Alan Bell 58-08
Steve Lookwood 43-08
Andy Hobson 50lb

April 2017 week ending 29/4/2017

Another cold week had to be endured by the anglers and unfortunately did slow the fishing down a bit but the anglers still managed 15 over 50lb so that’s what we will concentrate on.
Biggest fish fell to the rods of Pete Roberts who banked a 60lber and backed that up with a 50+ and four 40s, well done Pete and congratulations with the big girl. Kevin Hicks got amongst them banking ten fish with his biggest taking the scales over the 50lb barrier to 53-08, Kevin also managed four 40s, well done. Alan Bell had a good week banking fourteen fish to 59-03; his catch included another 50+ and three 40s, well done Alan. Top rod was Andy Hobson with twenty fish from peg 24 on lake 3 where his biggest was 50lb and he also banked five 40s and ten 30s, well done Andy. Jim Matthews done well taking two 50s to 56-08 and went on bank four 40s, well done Jim. Dave Chamberlin had a 56-007 and backed that up with two 40s and eight 30s, well done to you. Richard Beavis had a 54-06 and Nigel Williams had a 50-08, well done to you both. Fred Cox managed a 50lber and so did Glynn Jones so well done to the both of you. Robin Knight had eleven fish including four 40s and six 30s and Terry Hilton banked three 40s to 47-08. Steve Whitworth was in peg 61 on Lake 5, this peg dominated this year and done well again with eighteen fish to 46-12.
It’s worth mentioning that only a small amount of bait was used by most anglers with an average of around 12/13kg.
Despite the cold weather there were still 160 fish over 30lb, in fact the average across the venue was 34-11 ,

Please remember to bring your photos up at meal times of fish over 45lb so we can upload to the website.
More next week

Monday 1st May 2017