Ian Handley 64lb
Ian Handley 51lb
Dave Parker 51lb
Tony Brient 55-13
Simon Killip 52-08
Dave Simpson 50lb
Tony Brient 54-08

May 2017 week ending 13/5/2017

It was another excellent week for fish over 50lb with a total of 28 landed, that said it seems to be pretty much the norm now with virtually all the weeks producing 20+ 50s.

Biggest fish of the week fell to Ian Handly in peg 8 on Lake 1 with a 64lber; Ian had a very good week indeed because he also had a 50+ and five 40s, well done Ian. Another man to bag a biggie was Ian Peck in peg 61 on Lake 5 where he landed three pbs finally finishing with a 61lber, well done Ian and congratulations. Top rod goes to Steve Haylett in peg 42 on lake 5 where he landed an impressive 31 fish to 56lb, he also landed another 50+, two 40s and eleven 30s, top angling well done Steve. Aaron Rilings also done well landing fifteen fish to 55lb, his haul included four 40s and six 30s, well done Aaron. Danny Teal was out on his birthday week and was rewarded with two 50s so well done Danny. Simon Killip managed a couple of 50s amongst his nineteen fish, included in his haul were twelve 30s, well done Simon. Craig Shaw had ten fish including a 50lber and three 40s so well done to you. Tony Brient done very well banking fourteen fish to 55-13, his haul included three 50s and five 40s, well done Tony. Lewis Jones done very well on lake two taking ten 40s and a 53-12 amongst his fourteen fish so well done to you. Stephen Parker banked himself a couple of 50s with his biggest topping the scales at 56-08, well done. Simon Jackson had a quite week but did bank a 51-04 so that will do very nicely, well done Simon. Barry Kersey got himself amongst the big girls with a 50+ and a few 30s so well done Barry. Dave Parker had a good week taking a thirteen fish catch that included two 50s, one 40+ and seven 30s, well done to you. Simon Carr had a week to remember with four 50s to 58lb, well done Simon. Dave Simpson got himself a 50lber and Stu Simmons managed a 52lber, well done to you both. Craig Shaw done well landing ten fish to 50lb, he also banked three 40s and six 30s, well done Craig. Nick Wild had a 51lber and there were far too many 40s to mention.

I keep getting asked what lakes the 50s are coming from so here goes.
Lake 1 (6) Lake 2 (6) Lake 3 (7) Lake 4 (0) Lake 5 (9)

To sum the week up the 50s just keep coming and long may it continue and as i write this update there has been another new 70+ so look in next week to see the pictures

Sunday 14th May 2017