Bunny Bonnett 66-01
Adam Sturt 67-15
Jon Wood 57-08
Darell Roden 53-10
Oliie Nunn 56-10
Bunny Bonnett 57lb
Jon Smart 57lb
Steve Young 51-04
Oliie Nunn 56-02

May 2017 week ending 20/5/2017

The big fish seem to keep coming with four 60s and a 70+ and 21 fish over 50lb, the numbers of fish caught was down on previous weeks but the amount of big fish be landed is great so its these that i will concentrate on.
Biggest fish of the week goes to Lee Graves with an awesome 71lber, Lee also banked a 60+, a 50+, two 40s and a couple of 30s, top angling and congratulations Lee. Adam Sturt was more than pleased with his weeks fishing after landing eleven fish to 67-15; he also landed a 50+ along with two 40s and six 30s, well done Adam. Bunny Bonnet got amongst the big girls landing a 66lber on the last night, he also managed to bank a 50+ and a couple of 40s, just goes to show it isn’t over until you reel in on Saturday morning, well done. Stuart Bevan was another angler to land a 60+ with a 60-03 mirror; he also had seven other fish including two 40s, well done Stuart. Ollie Nunn had a very good banking three 50s to 56-10, he also managed to bank a few others including a 40+ so well done Ollie. Steve Young had a quite week but was well pleased to land a 51-04 so congratulation with that one, well done. Anthony Dunn had a result when he landed a 52-08 amongst his eight fish and Joe Wood banked a 57-08 amongst his eight, well done to you both. Lee Revill was another happy angler because he banked a 55lber and backed that up with a couple of 40s so well done Lee. Jon Smart had a few to 57lb and Darren Wood also got amongst them with a 55lber and both anglers backed the up with 40s, well done to you both. Darrell Roden had a slow week but did manage a 53-12 and a couple of back up 40s, with fish of that calibre i wouldn’t mind sitting it out, well done Darrell. Stu Thompson was yet another to get amongst the big girls with a 56-03 and also backed that up with a couple of 40s, well done Stu.
Russell Godfrey landed two 50s to 55lb and landed a few others so well done Russell.

The average weight of fish caught was 36-09 and with another week of big fish being banked we are averaging around 25 fifties a week and only two doubles were caught on the whole complex.

More next week.

Monday 22nd May 2017