Jamie Taylor-Card 60-04
Dave Regan 56-05
Gareth Williams 54-10
Alan Chapman 57-07
Calvin Ferris 54lb
Calvin Ferris 53-04

May 2017 week ending 27/5/2017

The weather made a major impact on the fishing this week with temperatures hitting 35 degrees and most days producing little or no wind, in these conditions its probably best to find a shaded swim and be mobile during the day, fish can often be found in little quite corners that normally get overlooked.
Biggest fish of the week fell to Martin Cronin when he landed a 68-02 mirror; Martin also managed a few back up fish including a 40+, well done Martin and congratulations. Jamie Taylor-Card seldom fails when it come to his fishing and this trip was no exception because yet again he managed to bank a 60+ amongst a twenty fish haul that included seven 40s, top angling and well done Jamie. Calvin Ferris had a good week landing fifteen fish to 54lb, amongst his haul were another 50+ and a couple of 40s, well done Calvin. Steve Jeffries was another angler to bank two 50s and he also had a couple of 40s so well done Steve, Loads of pbs this week and Gareth Williams was delighted with his one at 54lb, he also managed a few more fish including a 40+, well done Gareth. Dave Regan was another to get a pb with a 56-05 mirror, and he backed that up with a 40+ so well done Dave. James Brown got amongst the big girls with a 50-10 and Paul Addison managed a 50-01, both anglers managed back up 40s, well done to you both. Alan Chapman had a slow week but did bank a 57-07; with fish of that calibre a slow week will do me. Joe Gelder managed to get a big one with a 52-10 and a gain backed that up with a 40+, well done Joe. Keith Booker banked a 57-02 so well done to you.
Despite the cooking temperatures the lads done very well as you can see from the update so well done to all the anglers.

We have had a major thunderstorm so hopefully a few chunks will be banked in the next few days.

Please remember to bring you pictures to the clubhouse at meal times so we can upload them to our website, thank you. 

More next week

Monday 29th May 2017