Steven Kelley 61-13
Tom Raison 60-12
Ian Elverstone 52-08
Kevin Ransome 59lb

June 2017 week ending 1/7/2017

There were some decent kippers out this week with the biggest being 61-13 that fell to the rods of Steven Kelly, Steve also managed to bank three 40s and three 30s amongst his nine fish, well done. Tom Raison had a great week taking nine fish to 60-12; he backed the sixty up with a 50+ and two 40s, top angling well done Tom. Kevin Ransome had a quite week but did bank a 59lber so that will do very nicely indeed, well Done Kevin. T5op rod was David Smallwood in peg 37 on Lake 5; David banked thirteen fish to 45lb, top angling well done David. Adam McLvenna had a good week banking two 50s to 58-03 and backed them up with a 40+ and a few 30s, well done Adam. Francis Kennedy banked a 58lber and backed that up with two 40s and Ian Elverstone banked a 52-08 so well done to you both. Chris Raison was another angler to get amongst the big girls with a 52-08 and a few back up fish including a 40+, well done Chris.
Not a bad week with nine 50s and loads of 30s and 40s and not forgetting the two 60s, well done to you all.
Listed below are a few tips for anglers coming out in the next few weeks.

The number one mistake has got to be moving too quickly, when you arrive it takes a couple of days just to learn what’s in front of you, if you already know the area from previous trips then that is an obvious advantage but all the usual carp fishing instincts apply, have you seen fish topping, are others catching from the same area, are your baited areas on the right spots? If you have been fishing a peg for 2/3 days and seen nothing or have had no indication or liners then it’s probably time to look for a different peg, knowing when to move is one of the most difficult decisions in carp fishing so give the peg a fair try before you make that move.

Resting your peg
Resting your peg can give big rewards because fish will move onto baited areas with no lines because they feel more confident. Try walking around to empty pegs and bait some deep margins where you can observe the baited area and quite often see fish feeding, When there confident drop a bait on the area, this type of mobile fishing can pay big dividends, some anglers have had 10-20 fish in a week whilst resting their main peg so its defiantly worth a go.

Most of the bait that goes into the lakes are the Cretelakes Specials Mainline Cell, and A2 Creamy Toffee, most of the fresh frozen baits on the market will catch but the three mentioned are by far the most common used at Cretelakes, these baits with good angling ability will not let you down in fact most weeks they produce the top rod and biggest fish. How much bait to use is always debatable but if you’re confident in your chosen area then big amounts usually will out fish small amounts. Most of the big hits i.e. 20 fish plus fall to 20kg plus of bait with some anglers using much more,

Use the rigs that work for you in the UK, the carp at Cretelakes can be rig shy at times so it’s always good to talk to the bailiff and see what’s been working for others, pva sticks are always an excellent way of presenting your hook baits. It’s no good fishing back leads or slack lines to a far margin when you’re probably fishing for a single bleep or small drop back, so indication is vital in these circumstances, same applies fishing against snags or weed beds; ask a bailiff if you’re not sure they are there to help.

Have a great holiday and don’t put yourself under pressure to catch a fish of a lifetime or to have a mega haul, don’t choose a peg you would like to fish before you have even arrived, this defies every rule in carp fishing and fish location so keep an open mind. Sometimes the carp gods are kind and other times not so kind, whatever happens on your trip just remember we love carp fishing and just being there is a privilege for most of us, so enjoy your holiday and remember every fish is a bonus.



Sunday 2nd July 2017