onathon Greenall 50-08
Danny Orrill 52lb
Colin Woodward 52-10
Chris Jeffreys 59-05
Chris Jeffreys 52-05

July 2017 week ending 29/7/2017

It was a pretty good week for most of the anglers with almost 200 30lb+ fish caught including 21 fifties.

Biggest fish of the week fell to Kieron Cove in peg 7 with a 65-06, Kieron also managed to back that up with nine other fish including three 40s, well done Kieron. Top rod was James Ellis in peg 49 with a 25 fish haul to 54lb; his haul included an incredible ten 40s and nine 30s, top angling well done James. Tom Goffat had a very good week landing 21 fish to 63lb, back up fish included two 50s and eight 40s, well done Tom. Chris Jeffery’s was another angler to go home smiling because he banked three 50s to 59-05 and managed a 40+, well done Chris. Steve McCarthy got amongst the big girls with a 56-15 and backed that up with a 40+ and six 30s, well done to you. Nick Simpson was yet another to bank three 50s with his biggest being 53-02 and again he backed them up with three 40s, to angling well done. Keith Rivers carried on where he left last time and again had a good week taking eight fish to 53lb; he also landed four 40s, well done Keith. Colin Woodward done very well because he landed a 21 fish haul that included a 52-10 and five 40s, he backed them up with ten 30s, top angling well done. Jonathan Greenall banked two fifties to 56lb and managed a 40+ so well done to you. Liam Murphy had a 54lber and backed that up with three 40s and Dave Wicks had a 53-02 amongst his seventeen fish, well done to you both. Liam Egan had seventeen fish to 52lb, three 40s included and Danny Orrill got amongst them with a 52lber. Nicola and Nev Dixon banked nine 40s amongst there 22 fish so well done to you both.
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Sunday 30th July 2017