Ricky Peacock 60-08
Fred Bangs 58-08
Josh Whitey 51-04
Steve Williams 52-04
Steve Sellar 59lb
Anthony Wotten 50lb
Steve Williams 55-08

August 2017 week ending 12/8/2017

It was another good week with sixteen 50s landed from around the complex. Biggest fish fell to Mike Powers landing a 65-14 and managed to back that up with a 50+ so well done Mike. Top rod was Leigh Sines in peg 40 on Lake 5 where he landed 33 fish to 53lb; amongst his haul was an impressive eleven 40s and eleven 30s, well done Leigh top angling. Fred Bangs was out on his fifth trip and managed a couple of 50s to 58-08; he also backed them up with four 40s amongst his ten fish, that’s five 50s in five trips well done Fred. Ricky Peacock was pleased with his new Pb because it took the scales to 60-08; he backed that up with a 50+ and a 40+, well done Ricky. Steve Williams was another angler to get amongst the big girls with two 50s to 55-08 so well done to you. Shaun Withey banked a 54lber and went on to land two 40s and a couple of 30s so well done Shaun. Peter Turrell had a good result with a 54-06 and managed a couple of 40s as well as a few others, well done Peter. Steve Sellar was just short of a sixty with a 59lber and banked eight other fish so well done Steve. Mick Mulhall done well landing twelve fish to 57-08, his catch included four 40s and five 30s, well done Mick. Thomas Clark had a good result landing nine fish to 51-04; he backed the fifty up with six 40s, well done Tom. Josh Whitey was yet another angler to have multiple 40s landing four of them and even banked a 51-04 to finish of, well done Josh. Martin Backhouse had a 50-04 and managed to back that up with three 40s and four 30s so well done to you. Lots of other anglers had several 40s each so not a bad week considering we are desperate for some rain, France has been very dry so a rain dance is needed.

More next week

Tuesday 15th August 2017