Phil Jackson 64-07
Chris Beddard 53-04
Phil Jackson 52lb
Chris Beddard 53-14
Chris Beddard 53-05

August 2017 week ending 19/8/2017

Another good week for big fish with seventeen 50s including three 60s.

Biggest fish of the week fell to Phil Jackson in peg 9 on lake one where he landed a 64-07, he backed that up with a 50+ and three 40s, top angling well done Phil. Second biggest fell to the rods of Ste Keeley in peg 61 on lake 5 where he had a bumper session landing 22 fish, the biggest was 61-14 and backed that up with a 50+, his haul included five 40s and eleven 30s, well done Ste. John Chedotal was the other angler to get a sixty, John fished peg 26 on lake three where he landed eleven fish to 61-04, and yet again backed up with a 50+ and five 40s, well done John. Top rod this week goes to Mark Bentley in peg 40 on lake 5 where he landed an impressive 25 fish to 49-11, Marks haul included six 40s and eleven 30s, top angling well done Mark. Chris Beddard done very well with three 50s to 53-14 and managed a 40+, Chris had just the four fish but three over 50 and the other a 40, that will do very nice, well done Chris. Lee Shulver got amongst the biggies with a couple of fifties to 59-14; Lee backed them up with three 40s and a few 30s, top angling well done Lee. Brian Elliot got himself a biggie in the shape of a 54-01 mirror carp; he also banked a 40+ so well done Brian. Will Rackham done well taking fourteen fish to 54-04, amongst his haul he managed to bank five 40s to back up the fifty, well done. Elliot Yeowell catches a lot of fish for someone so young and this trip was no different with a seventeen fish haul to 50-04, seven 40s and six 30s, some of you tackle companies need to look at this lad and sign him up before its too late. Elliot’s dad Lee also got himself a 50lber and managed a few 40s, obviously taking tips of his son ! Well done to you both. Joss hill managed to bank a 53-12 and yet again backed up by a 40+ so well done to you. Steve Harty was another happy angler because he banked a 51-02 so that would make any angler smile, well done Steve. Jason Bowels had eight 40s and seven 30s amongst sixteen fish, now that’s a very high average by any ones standards, in fact the average size of fish this week was 36-12 with 200 over 30lb and a hundred of them were over 40lb.

The average amount of bait used was around 20kg
There’s been a 60+ out already so look in next week.

Sunday 20th August 2017