John Brikman looks happy
Damien Hughes 52lb
Marcus Harper 62-08
Jamie Price 63-13
Mark Russell 50-10
Damien Hughes 50-04
Jamie Price 60-10

September 2017 week ending 16/9/2017

The big fish have been on the munch the last for the last few weeks and this week was no exception with thirty 50s reported and six of them over 60lb.

The biggest of the week fell to the rods of Lee Rayfield who landed a 65-08 amongst an eleven fish catch; the big girl was backed up with two 40s and a few 30s, well done Lee. Jamie Price wasn’t satisfied with his 63lber because he banked a second sixty and a 50+, and just to round of his week he also banked three 40s, top angling well done. Marcus Harper landed a 62-08 and backed that up with a 40+ and two 30s so congratulations Marcus. Staying with the big girls Brian Hepburn banked one at 60-08 so well done to you. Top rod this week was John Brinkman with a 28 fish haul from peg 23 on lake 3, johns biggest top the scales at 62-12 but what’s more impressive is the other fish he landed, TWO 50S, THIRTEEN 40S, NINE 30S AND two 20s, now that will take some beating from any lake on the planet, well done John. David Stratford done well landing thirteen fish to 52-02 and Sam Belcher took fish to 57-10, well done to you both. Eddie Hudson had a fantastic week landing three 50s and four 40s, and Mark Russell done equally well banking two 50s to 56lb and he also banked four 40s, well done to you both. Zac McKie got amongst the biguns with a 52-02, and Patrick Cleere had a 50-04 and backed that up with a couple of 40s, well done to you both. Damien Hughes had a good result taking three 50s to 59-09 and went on to bank two 40s and seven 30s, well done Damien. Stephen Stone was yet another angler to have multiple 50s with two to 57lb; he also managed to bank five 40s and five 30s, well done. Jamie Gibbs had a 55lber and a few back up fish and many of the anglers had several 40s each so a pretty good week for most.

The average amount of bait used was 20kg per angler, there were over 100 40s landed so well done to you all.

More next week.

Tuesday 19th September 2017