Billy Gladwin 61-08
Paul Goss 56-08
Rich Turner 52lb
Rich Turner 56-14
Brandon Lilly 57lb
Gary Haynes 50lb
Sean Sullivan 62-08
Billy Gladwin 51-08
Brandon Lilly 58-08

September 2017 week ending 23/9/2017

It was another very good week for big fish with thirty 50s and six were over sixty.
Biggest fish of the week fell to the rods of Wayne Ewers with an absolute beast of mirror that took the scales round to 67-15; Wayne also banked a 40+ so well done Wayne and congratulations. Close behind him with a monster was Tony Jones who managed to bank a 66lber, he also banked a couple of 40s so well done Tony. Billy Gladwin was another angler to break the sixty barrier with a 61-08, Billy also banked three 50s and a couple of 40s, top angling well done. Brandon Lilly had a golden week taking a seventeen fish haul that included a 62lber; he backed the big one up with six 50s, six 40s, and a couple of 30s, top angling well done Brandon. Sean Sullivan went home happy after landing a 62-08 and managed a couple of 40s so congratulations Sean. Top rod this week was Jeff Field with a twenty fish haul from peg 57 on Lake 5 so well done to you. Rich Turner banked a couple of 50s to 56-14 and Jeff Smith managed to land himself a 53-08, well done to you both. Paul Goss got amongst them with a 56-08 and Gary Haynes was another to bank a fifty, well done to the both of you. Gus Ewers witnessed the 67-15 and managed to bag a 55-03 of his own so well done Gus. David Pennington banked sixteen fish to 51lb and backed the big one with five 40s and four 30s, well done Dave. Michael Jones had a week to remember because he had three 50s to 55-01 and backed them up with five 40s, top angling well done.
There wasn’t big numbers out this week but there were plenty of big fish landed so well done to you all.

It’s worth mentioning that this time of year the fish seem to get very riggy so it’s worth trying to pin down your line and camouflage your rigs.
Bait wise the average amount used was around 20kg per angler

Sunday 24th September 2017