Darren Cresswell 50lb
Mark Johnson 49-02
Neil Hutchins 49-04
Robert Parker 55-04

October 2017 week ending 14/10/2017

The conditions are extremely mild for this time of year with very little wind and high pressure, this seems to be affecting the fishing with only eight 50s caught and six of them were from Lake 5.
Lakes 1 and 2 were very slow with 3/4/and 5 producing the best results.

The biggest fish fell to the rods of Kev Morris who landed a 58-08 and backed that beast up with two 40s, well done Kev. Graham Wilson banked a 51-12 and again he managed to back that up with a couple of 40s so well done to you. Robert Parker was on his game because he managed two 50s to 55-04 and backed them up with three 40s, top angling well done Rob. Darren Creswell was another to bank two 50s with his biggest taking the dial to 55-01 so well done to you. Dave Jones got amongst them with a 55-08 and also managed a few back up fish so well done Dave. Neil Hutchins fell just short of a 50+ with three 40s to 49lb and managed six back up 30s, well done. Steve Jackson banked a 56lber and managed seven other including a 40+ and five 30s, well done Steve.
Top rod was shared with a few anglers on ten and eleven fish which was very good going in tough conditions.

Still very mild here at the moment but low pressure tonight on the back of the hurricane that has hit Ireland, so fingers crossed the fishing picks up.


Tuesday 17th October 2017