Mike Kernaghan 50-08
Stuat Evenden 46-01

October 2017 week ending 14/10/2017

The conditions are extremely mild for this time of year with very little wind and high pressure, this seems to be affecting the fishing with only eight 50s caught and six of them were from Lake 5. Lakes 1 and 2 were very slow with 3/4/and 5 producing...

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October 2017 week ending 7/10/2017

It was tough going this week with the bigger fish refusing to play ball and the fishing was pretty slow around the venue. Biggest fish of the week fell to the rods of Stuart Rawling who managed to bank a 58-04; he also managed a 40+ and a few 30s so...

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September 2017 week ending 30/9/2017

Autumn has finally arrived and bought with it some much needed rain, it’s been one the warmest years in the region and in turn has made the lake water levels very low, but they are looking good now and the big fish coming. Biggest fish of the...

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