Alfie McGill 55-04
Warren Sheppard 50lb
Peter Leaky 54-06
Perry Hawkins 50-08
Paul Gos 51-10
Warren Sheppard 57-02
Gary Harris 55-08
Terry Gray 50-04
Andy Kendall 51lb

September 2018 week ending 8/9/2018

We are still waiting for some wet weather which seems nowhere near France at the moment. The lakes are still fishing ok but we need some low pressure to really kick the lakes into life so the sooner the better.

Biggest fish of the week fell to the rods of Paul Gos who landed a 68-01 Mirror, he backed that up with three 50s and a few 30s so well done Paul, Fishing partner Peter Leaky also got amongst the 50s with a 54lbe and a couple of back up 40s so well done Pete. Ben Hawes was another angler to bank a biggie with a 61-01 mirror so congratulations Ben. Brad Verity had a good week with a nineteen fish haul that included five 40s and eleven 30s topped by a 57olber, well done. Gary Harris done well taking three 50s to 55-08 and Warren Sheppard had to 50s to 57lb, both anglers had backup 40s so well done to you both. Steve Burton had a quite week but did manage a 50+ and Mark Renwick got amongst them with a 56-08 and banked three 40s and a few 30s, well done to you both. Alfie McGill had a 55-04 and backed that up with two 40s and Ash McGill had two 50s to 57-04 so well done to the McGill’s. Terry Gray banked a 50-04 and Perry Hawkins had a 50-08 and backed that up with two 40s and nine 30s, well done. Paul Edgar banked two 50s and had a back up 40 and a few 30s so well done Paul. Andy Kendall done well with a fifteen fish catch, his haul included two 30s, ten 40s and three 50s, the latter being the highlight of his trip well done Andy. Mark Popovich had a good week banking fourteen fish to 58-04 that others were four 40s and seven 30s, well done. Colin Woodward was another angler to do well banking thirteen fish to 52-12; his catch included four 40s and seven 30s, well done Colin. Top rod this week was Lee Judd in (peg 28 on Lake 4) with a 34 fish haul that included ten 40s, and eighteen 30s, top angling well done, from that same peg fishing partner Darren Latter had two 40s and four 30s so well done to you as well. Martin Stoneman had a 57-03 and a back up 40+ and a few 30s so well done to you. Quite a few anglers had 49lbers so well done to all those as well.

More next week

Tuesday 11th September 2018