Dave Simpson 61-13
Bob Love 62-02
John Gray 59lb
Graham Cover 58-10
Wesley Fagan 50lb
Sam Douglas 58-05

September 2018 week ending 15/9/2018

Biggest fish this week was landed by Paul Mitchell at a stonking 72lb. He also managed a 50+ and a couple of 40s, that will do very nicely for a weeks fishing, well done Paul. Jason Drury got amongst the big girls when he landed a 67-03, and again he also managed to bank a couple of 40s so well done Jason. Bob Love banked a 62-02 and he got a couple of 40s to back that up so congratulations Bob. Carl Jackson had a good week taking an eleven fish catch topped by a 65-12, his catch included three 40s, well done Carl. Dave Simpson had a session to remember with a thirteen fish haul that included a 61-13, he backed that up with three 50s and four 40s so well done Dave top angling. Steve Bradley banked a 64lber and went on to land a 50+ and a 40+ as well as three 30s, yet another top result well done. Mick Smart banked a 61-07 and managed a few back up 30s so congratulations Mick. Alan Dillon banked a couple of 50s and managed back up 40s and a few 30s so well done Alan. John Gray had a good result taking three 50s to 59lb and he managed to back them up with two 40s and three 30s, well done John. Paul Green had a quite week but did manage a 50+ and a 40+ so well done to you. Dave Jones had a 53-12 and backed that up with three 40s and four 30s, and Robin Dilly managed a 56-04 with a back up 40+, well done to you both. Graham Cover had a 58-010 and John Tomney had a 57lber with a couple of back up 40s, well done to you both. Wesley Fagan and Carl Casson both got amongst the 50s as did Paul Lovell so well done to you all. Sam Douglas had a fantastic week banking tree 50s to 58-05 and backed them up with six 40s, top angling well done Sam Ronnie Herbert had a 56-13 and Mark Herbert had a 55-14, well done to you both.

It was a week for big fish but not great numbers wise, The good news is the average fish across the whole venue was 39-13, and only one double was caught throughout the whole week, that deserves a mention so well done John Tomney, I’m sure he don’t mind because he also had a 57lber and two 40s.
We are still waiting for some rain so we keep our fingers crossed that it comes sooner rather than later.

Tuesday 18th September 2018