All Inclusive 

Carp Fishing In France

The Journey

At Cretelakes we offer a hassle free full inclusive package. This is done to make your holiday as stress free as possible with us taking you from the UK straight to Cretelakes.

Coach trips depart from Reylon secure car park in Dover. Meeting times are midnight on Friday/Saturday Morning. This is where you will be met by one of Cretelakes Bailiffs. He will oversee that your luggage is loaded and secure ready for the trip. Our luxury coach with air conditioning, onboard toilet and reclining seats. We depart as soon as the coach is loaded to board the 2.30am/3.30am ferry, crossing time is approximately 90 minutes.

On arrival in Calais you will then be driven to the lake which will take approximately 3 hours. We make a refreshment break during this journey if we are making good time. We expect to arrive at Cretelakes at approximately 8.30am local time, where your luggage will be unloaded. After a brief talk from the head bailiff explaining the rules the draw will take place, after the draw and before pegs are chosen you will then be given one hour to have a look around the Cretelakes complex... We fully understand that parties of anglers want to fish together so at Cretelakes we have a party draw, each party is given a draw number before your departure and when your number is drawn out of the hat at the lakes you and your party members can choose where to fish, if your party is more than four anglers you will be split into separate parties of no more than four, i.e. a group of six anglers would be split into two parties of three. Once you have decided where to fish the bailiff will take your tackle to your chosen swim using our onsite vehicles and trailers this saves you having to carry all your gear to your swim.



Our team of bailiffs will organise all the catering for the week. If you have any special dietary requirements the bailiffs will organise special meals.

We offer a full English breakfast and a cooked meal every evening. Tea and coffee are available free of charge during mealtimes.

We also stock bottled water, milk, soft drinks, bottled lager, and confectionaries for you to purchase at any time.



There is bait available to purchase on site. The Cretelake specials are very popular.

These baits are supplied from a trusted source and are designed to maximise the chances of landing some of the Cretelake whackers.

We also stock a range of Mainline bait as well as end tackle from Korda.

A typical angler would use between 15-20 kg of boilies per week.

These baits can be pre-ordered prior to your trip.

Travel Insurance

Please make sure you purchase travel insurance for the duration of your holiday and make sure you and your equipment are fully covered.

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2022 Package Prices

Angler £745

Non-angler £400

2022 Spring Specials

19th Mar - 26th Mar £645 per angler

2022 Autumn Specials

15th Oct - 22nd Oct £645 per angler

2023 Package Prices

Angler £785

Non-angler £400

2023 Spring Specials

 25th Mar £685 per angler

2023 Autumn Specials

28th Oct £685 per angler


2024 Package Prices

Angler £785

Non-angler £400

2024 Spring Specials

18th Mar - 24th Mar £685 per angler

2024 Autumn Specials

26th - October  £685 per angler


Lake 1

Lake 2

Lake 3

Lake 4


Lake 5


Luggage Allowance

You will be given 8 luggage tags

Bed Chair, Sleeping Bag, Cloths Holdall,

Rucksack, Rod Bag, Bivvy Bag, Bait Boat

Unhooking Mats, and Bait buckets

are Supplied At The Venue