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Carp Fishing In France

Is Cretelakes easy ?

No its not easy, some of the best anglers in the country fish the lakes and will tell you its not easy, however in the right conditions they can produce huge fish in big numbers that is why its so popular.

Are the Lakes weedy ?

During June and July and around spawning time the lakes will have some weed, some years are worse than others, but there are plenty of clear areas to fish. If you are not very experienced then do not choose the summer months to go.


Do I need to get my own travel insurance?

You will need to get your own travel insurance. This will be to your own Specific requirements. This can be obtained at any local post office.

What is the weather like?

Spring comes a little earlier than in the UK. The summer is usually much warmer too, and the autumn comes a little later. Hence we offer late fishing times in November as it can still be quiet warm and the fish are still very active.

Do I need a passport?

Yes you need a passport with at least 3 months of validity of your travelling times.

Is there a bailiff on site?

Yes there are up to 5 bailiffs to help you with all your needs.

Can we charge our phones, batteries, and cameras?

Yes there are plugs to do all charging, and they are English plugs too, so no need to bring converters.

Can I use a bait boat?

Yes you can use bait boats on all 5 lakes.

Is the water ok to drink?


Can I use pounds in the shop?

No, all purchases from the shop are cash and in Euros.

What are the meal times and arrangements?

You receive a full English breakfast at 9am, and a hot cooked meal in the evening between 4-30 and 5pm. Any dietary requirements are to be noted on your booking form, so we can cater to your needs.

How is the draw for swims made?

We fully understand that parties of anglers want to fish together so at Cretelakes we have a party draw, each party is given a draw number before your departure and when your number is drawn out of the hat at the lakes you and your party members can choose where to fish, if your party is more than four anglers you will be split into separate parties of no more than four, i.e. a group of six anglers would be split into two parties of three. Once you have decided where to fish the bailiff will take your tackle to your chosen swim using our onsite land rovers and trailers this saves you having to carry all your gear to your swim.

The bailiff’s decision is final.

How much luggage can I take?


  • 1 large rucksack

  • 1 bed chair

  • 1 rod bag

  • 1 sleeping bag

  • 1 holdall for clothing

  • 1 bivvy bag

  • 1 holdall 

  • 1 bait boat

  • You are given 8 tags so 8 bags at your discression



There is no smoking or consumption of alcohol permitted on the coach.


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Lake 4

Lake 5

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