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The Lakes

Cretelakes is a beautiful 5 lake venue set in 130 acres. The lakes are former gravel pits dug around the mid 1970s and around this time they were stocked with carp and other course fish.

Fish Stocks

Cretelakes can boast some of the heaviest stocked lakes in France with a huge stock of big carp .

All lakes hold carp upto 70lb+, Lakes 1 and 3 have carp to around 80lb+, with a complex record of 85-12.

But what Cretelakes is famous for is the sheer numbers of 60lb+ carp and the 100s of 50s, not forgetting to many 40s to even

count. Lake 5 alone holds at least 700 carp over 35lb.

So no matter what lake you decide to fish you can be sure there are huge carp in front you. So with stock levels of this calibre its easy to see why Cretelakes is a firm favorite amongst some of the the best anglers in the country.

There are up to five bailiffs at Cretelakes and they will be on hand to cook the all important meals and look after your daily needs. They will help you find the best areas within your chosen pegs and be available to give advice on tactics and rigs etc.

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