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A Guide to Fishing Cretelakes

Once you have chosen your swim spend a couple of hours with a marker rod this will prove vital as your holiday progresses. A week is a long time to be fishing on the wrong spots! Once you have found spots you are happy with keep the bait tight on these spots. The carp at Cretelakes are hungry fish and bait will stop them in there tracks.

  1. Keep it simple, nothing fancy is required, simple 8-9 hook links size 6/8 hooks and you will catch fish, P.V.A sticks work very well giving excellent presentation especially when your fishing to weed beds.

  2. Bait little and often is the best tactic on all lakes, keep the bait trickling in topping up after every take. Cretelake specials and chopped boilies are a devastating combination, pop ups and bottom baits both work so don't be afraid to try both tactics on the same baited area.

  3. Line Keep your line pinned to the lake bed, this is the best way to allow fish to move freely around your baited area without causing suspicion.

  4. Lead systems Running leads every time, they work , try to use lead clips as this allows you to throw the lead should a fish go charging through a weed bed.

  5. Observation Watch the water for signs of moving fish and be prepared to have one rod roaming on different spots, this can often pick up the odd bonus biggie.

  6. Keeping your rigs simple and bait application on a little and often basis will bring results. Your there for a week and the fish are constantly on the move. Try to observe the lake from your swim and you can't go far wrong.

All the best and may you have the session of a lifetime.


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