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Cretelakes Rules

These rules are for everyone's enjoyment while they are at Cretelakes.

We have kept them to a minimum so not to spoil your time while you are here so please read through carefully and adhere to them.

DO NOT  ...use particles or pellets of any kind Cretelakes is strictly (BOILE ONLY)

DO NOT  ...use line under 15lb breaking strain

DO NOT  ...use lead core or shock leaders (Korda Type Leaders are allowed)

DO NOT  ...sack fish

DO NOT  ...exceed the three rod rule

DO NOT  ...use barbed hooks

DO NOT  ...leave rods unattended

DO NOT  ...use braided main line (marker and spod rods only)

DO NOT  ...use drones (0nly by special permission)

DO NOT  ...photogrqaph fish over 50lb on the bank. please take photos in the water


Rowing boats may be used on Lake 5 only and are used at your own risk. Make sure you use a life jacket at all times.

Bait boats are allowed on Cretelakes.

Please use the unhooking mats at all times.


Please Note:

These rules are for the safety and well being of the fish, and the enjoyment for yourself and other anglers.

If anyone is judged to breaking any of the rules set out by Cretelakes, or seem to behave in a manner that may offend or intimidate staff or other anglers, we have the right to terminate our services, and ask you to leave the complex.


Lake 1

Lake 2

Lake 3

Lake 4


Lake 5

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