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Lake 2


Lake 2 is the smallest lake on the venue at little over 6 acres. There are 7 swims and the depth of 3 feet in the margins to 9 feet in the middle.

The lake has many features including gravel patches, small plateaus, reed beds, and snags and although its quite weedy, there are plenty of clear areas to aim at.

Due to the weed, there are a lot of natural food in the lake and this reflects on the size of the original fish. Prior to our stocking the fish in the lake went to around the mid fifties with grass carp that have  been caught over 60lb. The carp that reside here are truly beautiful fish with commons over 60lb, big old mirrors over 70lb . A nice lake that  keeps producing surprises. Not easy but the rewards are there.

Most fish are taken between weed beds and the margins, PVA sticks and bags work well.

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