Self Drive Holidays

Carp Fishing In France

At Cretelakes we offer not only all inclusive package holidays but an option to drive yourself to the venue too. This may suit some people that prefer to take the journey at their own pace.

On self drive holidays you must arrive ready to enter the venue at 8-30 am on a Saturday morning or the draw will be made without you.

You will be met by one of the bailiffs who will show you around the complex and explain any questions you may have.

You will then be given a tour of the cretelakes complex. A draw for swims will then follow. The bailiff will draw passports to establish who gets first choice and so on. Once you have decided where to fish the bailiff will take your tackle to your chosen swim using our onsite land rover and trailer this saves you having to hump all your gear to your swim.


The onsite bailiff is in charge of all the catering. If you have any special dietary requirements, then the bailiff will see that this need is met.

We offer a full English breakfast and a cooked meal every evening. Tea and coffee is available, free of charge, during meal times.

This is served in the onsite dining area.

We also stock bottled water, milk, soft drinks, bottled lager, and confectioneries for you to purchase at any time.


There is bait available to purchase on site. The Cretelake specials are very popular and

are supplied from a trusted source, they are designed to maximise the chances of landing some of the Cretelake whackers.

The fish treat these baits as a natural food source and are rotated on a regular basis.These boilies are available to purchase on site from the bailiff during meal times.

A typical angler would use between 15-20 kg of boilies per week.

These baits can also be pre-ordered prior to your trip.

  • 10kg  18mm    - £85

  • 5kg    18mm   - £45

Travel Insurance

You need to obtain travel insurance for the duration of your holiday for yourself and your personal belongings.


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