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Lake 4

Cretelakes 4 is a little over 6 acres in size, there are six pegs two of which are doubles (peg28) and (peg 29), we also have the disabled peg which is (peg 32) located just 30 yards from the clubhouse. The lake is long and narrow at about 100 yards across. We only allow fishing from one bank so the far margins are often the targeted areas for the anglers. There are many other features present including, lily beds, reed beds, gravel bars, weed beds and snaggy margins that all produce fish. Depths range from 4-11 feet and bait boats are an advantage to fish the far bank accurately.

Stock in the lakes consists of many fish over 40lb, loads of 50s, a few 60s up to around the 70lb mark, another lake that has produced big numbers when you get it right in the right conditions.

Many anglers fish the far bank but don’t neglect the middle of the lake and the margins, pva sticks with chopped boilie and bright pop ups work well, a walk to the far margins will also help find hard spots to place a bait.

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