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Cretelakes 5 is approximately 30 acres in size, there are 28 swims with two doubles, pegs 36 and peg 56, we allow a maximum of 20 anglers, this gives anglers lots of room and water to aim at. You will find all the usual features one would expect to find in a gravel pit, huge plateaus, gravel bars, gullies, weed beds and snaggy margins to name a few. Depths range from 3 feet in the margins to 14 feet in the deepest areas, the average depth is 7-8 feet.

Stock in this lake is incredible with at least 700 carp over 35lb, loads of 40s, 50s and 60s, with a few around the 70lb+ mark. This lake also holds the biggest haul from a single angler in a week with a 75 fish haul, it also holds the biggest weight from a single angler in a week at over 4000lb of fish caught during the Cretelakes match.

The lake also has the added advantage of allowing the use rowing boats that are located in the pegs


Lake 5

Please Click on the Bivvy on the map to see the relevent swim information

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