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October 2019 week ending 5/10/2019

Once again folks Cretelakes has produced another more sixties that have graced the nets of some very happy anglers, so lets begin with the biggest fish of the week, this week the very much revered accolade of The biggest fish of the week falls to the rods of Dougie Ditchfield, Doug was well pleased to see this absolute beast of a mirror carp slip over the net cord and even more pleased as it span the dial on the scales to an enormous 66lb 4oz smashing his PB in the process, top angling Dougie and congratulations on your new PB.

Next up for the sixties is Mark De-Haan with a proper cheese falling to his rods, this brute of a mirror carp weighing in at a huge PB busting 61lb on the nose, Mark also backed it up with a stunning 45 pounder, good angling Mark and well done on your new PB.

Tony Smith had a great week landing 6 carp including 1 twenty, 1 thirty, 3 forties and finished that off by smashing his PB with a monster of a mirror carp spinning the dial on the scales to a massive 64lb top angling Tony and congratulations on your new PB.

Last up for the sixties we have Jon Con banking himself 7 carp including 1 twenty, 1 thirty, 2 forties, 2 fifties and the icing on the cake as he slipped his net under a mint looking mirror carp weighing in at an impressive 64lb which also won Jon the champagne in the 24hr big fish competition, Jon stuck with his spots all week and regular baiting produced the goods for him, top angling Jon.

Just one more near miss to mention folks!!! Alan Cousins got so close to bagging himself a sixty but was not disappointed at all when his proper chunk of a mirror carp weighed in at a PB busting 59lb 12oz top angling Alan and congratulations on your new PB.

Now to mention a few if the other fifties caught this week:

Steve Hopgood 2 carp to 51lb

Michael Bourne 3 carp including 2 fifties the biggest weighing in at 57lb

Dave Oneill AKA 2hats 5 carp to 54lb 4oz

Tyler Denby 4 carp to 54lb

Tony Waldron 9 carp including 3 twenties, 4 thirties, 1 forty and a one at bang on the 50lb mark.

Joe Fothergill landing himself 18 carp which included 1 double, 1 twenty, 8 thirties, 7 forties and topped off with a banger at 55lb 2oz

Michael Dibble banked 13 carp including 1 double, 2 twenties, 3 thirties, 6 forties and 1 fifty at 52lb on the nose.

Damon Bolton had 8 carp to 53lb

Michael Kittredge 4 carp including 2 fifties to 53lb 2oz

Top angling fellas

Before we get to the final part of our update I have to give a big shout out to all of the anglers this week as conditions were not the best but still produced some good results, well done to you all.

So this brings me to the final part of our update folks TOP ROD OF THE WEEK please be upstanding and show your appreciation by giving him a raucous round of applause as we ask Julian Hayes to take the top spot on the podium and take a bow fella you are TOP ROD OF THE WEEK with an impressive haul of 22 carp which included 1 double, 4 twenties, 11 thirties and 6 forties to 47lb that’s a proper result Julian .................. awesome angling!!! (Swim 51 lake 5)

Tune in next week folks and we'll have more sixties for you, more PBs and more info for you, until then good fishing everyone.

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