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October 2019 week ending 19/10/2019

So folks were going to start this week’s update a little different to the usual format, for reason that will become very clearer later, let’s start this week off with a few of the PBs that graced the nets of some very happy anglers.

First up we have Paul Lovell landing himself 3 carp including 1 twenty, 1 thirty and topped it off with a new PB and a proper cheese weighing in at 55lb on the nose, top angling Paul and congratulations on your new PB. Alan Godfrey and Kevin Wareham both landed themselves a PB each this week Alan's chunk weighed in at 54lb 10oz and Kevin’s at bang on the 50lb mark, good angling fella's and well done to you both.

Shaun Annett bagged himself 2 PBs this week the first weighed in at 47-06 and then again smashed that with a proper lump spinning the dial on the scales to a PB busting 52lb 2oz top angling Shaun and congratulations on your new PB, Dave Wareham had a good result banking a total of 10 carp which included a double, 4 twenties, 1 thirty, 2 forties and 2 fifties the best of which was a mint looking mirror carp weighing in at 53lb 14oz and a new PB for Dave, good angling fella and we’ll done on your new PB. Jason Lemar AKA Treacle was well happy with his result this week landing 3 carp including 2 forties and a new PB in the form of a chunky 51 pounder top angling Jason and congratulations on your new PB, fishing next to his mate Jason in the next swim was Mark Smith who was just as pleased with his captures, banking 4 carp 1 thirty, 1 forty and 2 fifties beating his PB twice in the process, the biggest span the dial on the scales to 54lb on the nose, great result that and well done on your new PB Mark. Last up for the PBs are Stuart Evenden and John Morris fishing together this week, they landed a total of 8 carp between them including 1 twenty, 2 thirties, 3 forties and a 50 pounder each, both smashing their PBs, Stuart's a proper stunner weighing in at 55lb 14oz and John with a cheese of a mirror carp spinning the scales to 53lb on the button, top angling fella's and congratulations on your new PBs.

Now for the other fifties caught this week:

David Williams AKA STAX 1 carp at 57lb

Danny Richardson 5 carp including 1 twenty, 1 thirty, 1 forty and 2 fifties to 56lb 8oz

John Holland 1 carp at 56lb

Tom Riason 2 carp to 51lb 12oz

Kevin Morris with 11 carp including 8 twenties, 2 forties and the icing on the cake a 56lb 8oz unit.

Top angling fellas well done to you all.

A big shout out to all of the anglers this week, spirits were high and some good results were had and a good on a slow week so well done everyone.

So this leads me to the final part of our update, and as I said earlier we have done it a little different and here is why ......................

What are the chances of someone winning the Biggest fish of the week, the champagne in the 24hr big fish competition and Top Rod of the week, very slim I hear you say, but that is exactly what has happened folks!!!

Please be upstanding and give a very special and well deserved round of applause as we ask Dan Neate to step up onto the top spot on the podium and take a bow, what a special week it was for Dan with an awesome haul of 24 carp which included 9 twenties, 3 thirties, 9 forties and 3 fifties, the fifties weighed in at 51lb, 57-08 which won Dan the champagne in the 24hr big fish competition, and 58-04 winning Dan the biggest fish of the week, along with that Dan beat his PB on no less than 4 occasions this week and with 24 carp gracing his nets Dan is TOP ROD OF THE WEEK, very well deserved , a proper result that and congratulations on your new PB. (Swim 15 lake 2)

Tune in with us next week folks and we’ll have a few sixties for you, more PBs and more info, until then g

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