September 2019 week ending 14/9/2019

In true Cretelakes style the sixties have again graced our banks with a total of 6 this week, so let’s begin our update as we normally do with the biggest fish of the week, what an awesome week it was for one very happy angler Luke Anderson as he landed not one but 3 sixties folks, yes you heard me right 3 sixties, the biggest of which was not only the biggest fish if the week but a PB for Luke too weighing in at a massive 62lb on the nose, this was backed up with 5 fifties, 5 forties, 2 thirties and 2 twenties, top angling Luke and congratulations on your new PB. Next up we have Derek Reed with a haul of 10 carp including 3 twenties, an impressive 6 fifties and smashing his PB with a proper Unit spinning the dial on the scales to a huge 60lb 6oz good angling Derek and well done on your new PB, Happy days!!!

Last up for the sixties we have Nick Matthews with an impressive haul of 24 carp including 9 thirties an amazing 12 forties, 1 fifty and the icing on the cake in the form of a new PB ................... not one but 2 awesome chunks gracing his nets weighing in at bang on 60lb, a triple celebration was in order as Nick also won the champagne in the 24hr big fish competition, top angling fella and congratulations on your new PB.

Now to mention some of the other PBs banked this week, first up we have Jim Anderson landing a total of 8 carp which included 2 twenties, 3 thirties, 2 forties and topped them with a new PB tipping the scales at 59lb 8oz top angling Jim and well done on your new PB

Colin Woodward is up next banking himself 6 carp including 1 twenty, 1 thirty, 2 forties and 2 fifties the biggest of which was a new PB for Colin weighing in at 58lb on the nose, good angling Colin and congratulations on your new PB, Richard strong done well with a haul of 12 carp, 4 twenties, 3 thirties, 3 forties and 2 fifties, the first fifty at 51lb and the second weighing in at a PB busting 56lb on the button, top angling Richard and congratulations on your new PB.

This next one is a bit special folks, Jack Anderson celebrated his 21st birthday this week so happy birthday Jack, and what better way to celebrate than with a new PB. Jack smashed his PB on his birthday with a mint looking mirror carp weighing in at 50lb 2oz but the fun wasn’t over folks as Jack later that week smashed his PB again with another proper unit spinning the dial on the scales to 53lb on the nose, backed up with a forty and 3 thirties, top angling Jack and congratulations on your new PB ............. Happy days

Next up is Steve McBean with an impressive haul of 23 carp which included 5 twenties, 6 thirties an awesome 11 forties and topped with a new PB weighing in at 51lb 3oz top angling Steve and well done on your new PB.

Now to mention a few of the other fifties caught this week:

Craig Birch 1 fifty at 51lb 10oz

Derek Sim 2 fifties to 52lb 8oz

And a big shout out goes to all the anglers this week, good results all round, good angling and a massive well done to you all.

Now it’s time for that special announcement TOP ROD OF THE WEEK, and what a week it was folks, would you all please put your hands together and give a raucous round of applause as we present TOP ROD OF THE WEEK to Gary Braxton, step up to the podium and take a bow fella, with an awesome haul of 33 carp including 12 twenties, 10 thirties, 8 forties and 3 fifties the biggest of which span the dial on the scales to 57lb 8oz that’s impressive angling, congratulations Gary (Swim 61 lake 5)

Check in with us next week folks for more sixties, more PBs and more info, until then good fishing everyone.

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